The Vine

Asprinio is a rare white grape variety of the Agro Aversano territory. Asprinio has been named after its marked acidity, and it is characterised by extremely unique organoleptic qualities.

The viticultural method of Asprinio is called "alberata aversana". It is a one-of-a-kind, ancient technique, which is also an environmental and cultural asset of the Agro Aversano. For centuries, winegrowers have patiently taken care of the vines, picking the fruits by hand, carefully respecting the tradition.

The Asprinio vines are planted together with 'living' supports, usually poplar trees. The two plants grow together, espoused in a tangle of love. The vine extends its shoots up to 15-20 meters above the ground. The great distance between the bunches and the ground allows the grapes to ripen, maintaining a golden colour and a high degree of acidity.

The harvest turns into a magical spectacle, during which skilled winemakers, also known as 'spidermen', climb long, custom-made ladders.

The grapes are then selected and harvested with care, one by one. Lastly, in the secret of a tuff cellar, the wine waits patiently for the complete maturation. In addition to being sour and fresh, Asprinio is naturally sparkling, a quality that allows a natural spumante vinification process.


The Terroir

The Agro Aversano, the area where Asprinio is cultivated, falls between the provinces of Naples and Caserta and is bordered by the typical trees that characterize the landscape.

Here, the branches of Asprinio draw sinuous and ungovernable shapes, which enchant visitors with a colorful and lively scenery. The vines, climbing up to the poplars, draw 15 meters high green tapestries full of clusters. A spectacle of wild elegance that is impossible to find in other places in the world.

Finally, the territory is rich in tuff caves, dug to obtain the centuries-old houses building material in the area. These fascinating cavities host the cellars where the Asprinio ends its slow fermentation process.

The greatest classical writers have praised the wines of Campania for centuries. These are very prestigious drinks, which find their chosen area in these lands and which have enlivened the tables of the greatest emperors in history.